Topological manifold with boundary

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A topological manifold with boundary (or simply manifold with boundary) of dimension nis a topological space satisfying the following:

  • It is Hausdorff
  • It is second-countable
  • Every point has a neighbourhood that is homoemorphic to an open set in the upper half-space (with boundary) of \R^n (viz an open set in the space obtained by taking the points in \R^n with the last coordinate nonnegative)

Note here that when we say open set in the upper half-space we mean open in the relative or subspace topology. Those open sets which do not intersect the boundary of the half-space are also open in \R^n. However, the open sets that intersection the boundary will not be open in \R^n.

Those points on the manifold which do not have a neighbourhood that is homeomorphic to an open set in \R^n must coorespond to an open set intersecting the boundary, and moreover, the point itself will lie inside the intersection. Such points are termed boundary points of the manifold.

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