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No guarantees are made regarding This is a general disclaimer common to all subject wikis, with the accuracy or completeness source at [[Ref:Ref:General disclaimer]]. For specific hazards of content on using this particular subject wiki, refer [[{{SITENAME}}:Hazards]]. '''SUBJECT WIKIS MAKE NO GUARANTEE OF VALIDITY''' Content on individual subject wikis need ''not'', in general, be correct or useful. There are the following general hazards: * Specific content pages may have wrong or misleading information. Please * Content pages may use terminology that is not standard or generally accepted, or differs from terminology or notation in other sources.* The content is not designed specifically for a particular use, and any use that you put the content to is ''at your own risk''. Also note that: * Adding content to subject wikis and reusing content from subject wikis is subject to copyright laws. See [[{{SITENAME}}:Copyrights]] for more details.* Your activities as a user or editor are tracked and may be used by site administrators and declared third parties. See [[{{SITENAME}}:Privacy policy]] for more details.
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