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Surface of revolution

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For a full list of surfaces of revolution, see [[:Category:Surfaces of revolution]]. Particular Some examples aregiven below:
* {| class="sortable" border="1"! Curve being revolved !! Surface of revolution|-| semicircle with endpoints for a circle whose endpoints lie on the <math>x</math>-axis || [[Sphere2-sphere in Euclidean space]] which is obtained from an upper semicircle* [[Cone]] which is obtained from a |-| ray terminating at the <math>x</math>axis || infinite cone|-axis* [[Double cone]] which is obtained from a | pair of rays terminating at the same point of the <math>x</math>-axis, and which have slopes of equal magnitude but opposite sign|| infinite double cone|-* [[Cylinder]] which is obtained from a | line parallel to the <math>x</math>-axis|| infinite cylinder|-| circle not intersecting the <math>x</math>-axis || [[2-torus in Euclidean space]]|}
==Terminology associated with surfaces of revolution==
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