Sheaf of multiply differentiable functions

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This article describes a sheaf on a manifold (the manifold may possess some additional structure in terms of which the sheaf is defined)
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Let M be a C^r-manifold. The sheaf of C^r-functions' on M, also called the sheaf of r times differentiable functions, is defined as follows:

  • To each open set U, it associates the ring (or rather \R-algebra) of C^r-functions on U
  • The restriction is the usual function restriction

The sheaf of C^r-functions in fact completely encodes the C^r-structure. In other words, given a topological manifold with a sheaf of functions that is supposed to be the sheaf of C^r-functions, the C^r-structure on the manifold is dictated by the sheaf.


Étale space is non-Hausdorff

The étale space of the shead of multiply differentiable functions is not Hausdorff. This is essentially because there can be C^r-functions which look the same in one direction but different in others.

The Hausdorffization of the étale space yields the space of polynomial functions of degree at most r.

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