Weak Riemannian Hilbert manifold

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This is a variation of Riemannian manifold


A weak Riemannian Hilbert manifold is the following data:

  • A Hilbert manifold modelled on a smooth infinite-dimensional Hilbert space H
  • A smooth assignment of a continuous, positive-definite, symmetric bilinear form to the tangent space at each point (each tangent space is isomorphic to H as a vector space)

Note that the tangent space at each point need not be complete as a metric space with respect to the bilinear form defined at it.


Levi-Civita connection

A weak Riemannian Hilbert manifold may not, in general, have a smooth Levi-Civita connection. However, it is true that if a smooth Levi-Civita connection exists, then it is unique. The proof for this is the same as in the finite-dimensional case (viz for an ordinary Riemannian manifold).


  • Exponential map of a weak Riemannian Hilbert manifold by Leonardo Bibliotti,